1990’s oriented recon mission in Colombia

Did some recon in “Colombia” the other day. A break from the British kit that I have been posting lately. The attempt was to test my new M81 woodland loadout that is progressing rather well and get some “Clear and Present Danger” -style pics up for the blog. Most of these have already been spammed on various social networks but here they are once again and let them be seen once more! I will do a kitlist later with better pics of the kit that I used.

wp_20140804_097 wp_20140804_089 wp_20140804_083 wp_20140804_079 wp_20140804_073 wp_20140804_071 wp_20140804_046 wp_20140804_044 wp_001286 wp_001285 wp_001283 wp_001282 wp_001279 wp_001278 wp_001271 wp_001269 wp_001266 wp_001265 wp_001250 wp_001247 wp_001245 wp_001241

wp_20140804_015 wp_20140804_013

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