Updates coming

After a rather long silence, I will be rolling out some new articles about a few things. First, I will be doing a short review on the WE P226 pistol that I have been using. It has been through many weekend games and a few scenarios as well and I feel that I now have enough information and experience with the pistol to write a review about it. There are some issues with it but nothing major has come up. All in all it is probably the best GBB pistol I have owned.

I will also be posting some pictures and thoughts about gear. I have gone full UK with my setups, with just a few not connected to that particular theme, and I will be posting more pictures about it as well.

My L119A1 is taking shape still, but it is nearing completion. I have changed the receiver from DBoys to G&P (not with correct trades unfortunately) and the gearbox is also a G&P make, with Deans. I will be getting an ACOG sight for it as well and once that arrives, a further update about the AEG will be posted. There’s also some cool custom stuff that have been added to the AEG, so stay tuned for that as well!

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